• Cat Empire - The Wine Song

    The Wine Song
    Cat Empire: Cat Empire

    Jazz/hip-hop/latin/pop. The most danceable band on the planet. In the extremely unlikely event of my getting married, "The Wine Song" would be the wedding waltz.

  • Gil Evans: New Bottle Old Wine
    There's a story here ... the record came out in 1959, and the CD in 1989. My father has the record but, with no record player, wanted the CD. Research proved that it had never been re-released and is classed as "pretty damn rare". I finally managed to get his battered old record re-mastered onto CD by a friend associated with Move Records in Melbourne, and the results were astonishing. My father is ecstatic and so am I as a result. Thanks Simon.
  • Iva Davies -

    Iva Davies: Ghost of Time
    The orchestral extension of the Icehouse track "Great Southern Land", written by Iva for the 1999/2000 Sydney "Millenium" celebrations. For some reason I find it completely addictive and keep coming back to listen. OK, so there is that small factor of my being an obsessive Iva Davies fan :). In all honesty, though, he's actually a very good film music composer - he was lately responsible, with Richard Tognetti from the Australian Chamber Orchestra, for the soundtrack to "Master and Commander".

  • The Waterboys - The Stolen Child

    The Stolen Child
    The Waterboys: Fisherman's Blues

    The Waterboys blend folk and rock with SUCH lovely accents and then fling in a bog-standard celtic story about children being taken away by the wee folk. Love it.


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