Poultry Day at the Southern Harvest Farmer's Markets at Bungendore

This coming Saturday, I go back to my Canberra Backyard Poultry Club roots.  Look at this cool schedule!

9.30am - Talking turkey with Penny from Caroola Farm.
10.30am - Introduction to keeping chickens with Ilaria from Tatum Hills Farm.
11.30am - Cool-climate chook keeping with Fiona from Bent Shed Produce.
12.30pm - Duck discussions with Julia from Tiandi Farm and Hatchery.


I have chicks hatching as I speak for day-old chickie cuteness, plus my usual supplies of:

  • fresh herbs (chives, new season oregano, bay leaves, mint, mintbush, fennel and forestberry herb)
  • fresh salad mix with flowers
  • dried herbs - native, exotic, infused salts and sugars
  • fresh rainbow chook eggs
  • fertile eggs (mixed crossbreeds)
  • LIVE CHICKS (6-week old and day-old mixed crossbreeds)

There will be no warrigal greens thanks to the goat and our baked goods will be available at the Markets Tea House.

I have spent the last four weeks in Malta, Italy, France, and Singapore. Soaking up all the different foods and flavours and displays. The way produce - particularly things like fresh chicken - is displayed in Italy and France is so much more attractive than in Australia, not to mention the range is just so much greater. We need to get these concepts in Australia and learn not to be scared of fresh produce not in plastic bags!