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February 16, 2008


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Eat Aust

Thank you! That is definitely in the plan - as soon as I get a reliable supply of greens going! Plans are still ... well, in planning phase, but will be executed once the almost-mythical soil supply is dumped (I may go make that call now ... ). The Bungendore deli has first dibs on supply, but once I've got a proper reliable surplus supply (and I can work out the logistics of combining supply to them with getting to my day job on time), Ironbark will get a call.

On that topic, I'm doing better than I deserve - while the three large plots have died (through dryness and root disturbance), the two stands which got chook-stripped are now protected and are actually doing very well. Depending on how well they cope with frost - and I'm planning to protect one and not the other, as an experiment - I may actually have a supply to re-start some months earlier than I expected.

Many thanks for the feedback! Love to hear from you on the Bushfood Forums (bushfood.net) if you're not already there - someone who has supplied greens even on a semi-commercial basis _very_ welcome!

Leigh Purdie

Congrats on the warrigal greens.

If you have a chance, it might be worth giving the owner of 'Ironbark' in Manuka a call. I used to occasionally supply him with a bag full of warrigal greens on an irregular basis, culled from my back garden. I suspect, though, that he'd probably appreciate a more regular supplier - particularly now that I've moved up to SE Qld. :)


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